Paigambar Lyrics

Diljit Dosanjh

Paigambar Lyrics By Diljit Dosanjh

The Punjabi Song "Paigambar" is sung by Diljit Dosanjh starring . Lyrics Penned by BIR SINGH while Music composed by Beat Minister. Paigambar is realesed on 27 Nov, 2020 under Music Label White Hill Music.

Paigambar Lyrics

Lyrics Not Found on this Song.

Its seems like it's a instrumental, remix, background music or may be its a upcoming song.

Paigambar FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the Singer of Paigambar ?

Diljit Dosanjh has sung the song "Paigambar". He is also know for singing songs like "Born to Shine", "Whiskey", "Range", "Habit" and "Pyaar".

Who Wrote the lyrics of Punjabi song Paigambar ?

BIR SINGH has written the lyrics of Punjabi song "Paigambar".He is also know for writing songs like "Faraar".

Who compose the lyrics of Punjabi song Paigambar ?

Beat Minister has directed the Punjabi song "Paigambar".He is also know for composing songs like "Parwah Na Kar", "Eemaan", "Kalawa'n Charhdia'n", "Gusse Da Nateeja" and "Daawa".

When the song Paigambar was released ?

The Punjabi song released on 27-11-2020 under the music label White Hill Music.